5 Big Design Mistakes in Aviation Retail Stores

avoid these mistakes in aviation retail stores

Are you a retail store owner looking to draw customers in large numbers and maximize your profits?

Whether your retail store sells cosmetics, clothing, furniture, electronics, books or musical instruments, it is important to know the common mistakes store owners make when designing their retail stores.

1. Inefficient Decompression Zone

You’ve probably heard the saying the first impression is the lasting impression. As customers walk into your store, you want to capture their attention and appeal to their sense of sight, smell and sound.

This is where the decompression zone comes into play.

Most retail store owners ignore this crucial part of the store and end up having an inefficient decompression zone. Depending on what you sell in your store, you can design the decompression area to serve your needs.

If, for example, your retail store sells food products like pastries, you can have an eye-catching display of the cakes to draw people. The tantalizing smells also attract people.

The flooring and the lighting of the decompression zone are also important.

However, you should be careful not to have the area overcrowded.

2. Having Poor Lighting

Poor lighting is another big mistake store owners make when designing their retail stores. Lighting does so much for your store concerning setting the proper mood and highlighting the key features of your store.

You do not want to choose the wrong type of lights for your store. A lot of money goes down the drain owing to dull old energy consuming lights that do nothing to accentuate important features of your store.

3. Overcrowded Storage Space

Inadequate storage space often leads to overcrowded merchandise in a retail store. People may be put off by a crowded store. This is because the human mind is designed in such a way that it becomes numb when presented with so many options.

The best way to get around this problem is to choose a store that offers adequate space. This comes at the initial stages of setting up a retail store.

You may have also chosen a space with adequate storage space, but your products do not move as you expected, leading to overcrowding. In this case, perhaps you should scale down and look into having few quality products displayed in an organized manner.

Use pegboard hooks and other retail accessories.

4. Poor Signage

Another huge stumbling block store owners encounter is poor signage.

The signage basically summarizes the product your store sells in a few words and in an eye-catching way.

A mistake you could make is probably having too many words on the signage that cannot be read in one glance. At the same time, you do not want to have very few words that do not describe your store adequately.

Moreover, the signage may be too big, thus blocking the entrance to your store. The writings on the signage may also be too small to be read from afar.

5. Cluttered Check-out Area

Finally, your retail store may have a poorly organized check-out area. You do not want cluttering of this space because you want your customers to leave with a good impression of your store.

This may be important for your brand because word about your store will spread bringing in more customers.

Have adequate space for the check-out area and have an efficient design made for you.